If you are visiting this page you are most likely interested in motorcycle racing so you may know that it is an extremely competitive sport, but also a lot cheaper and I would like to think more entertaining compared to car racing.

In Europe it is absolutely huge due to the fan base that the sport attracts, especially in Italy where the fans are one of the most passionate when it comes to Motorsport. This creates great marketing opportunities for businesses that reach viewers all over the world and at the same time the benefits of being part of such a thrilling sport.

This year I am competing in the most competitive championship in Italy from which many riders step up to World Championships from. If you would like to be part of my journey please get in touch and we can arrange personalized sponsorship packages.

Every bit of support no matter how small is highly appreciated and will be used to help me train, pay for tyres and fuel, travel expenses, food and do extra testing to help me achieve the best results possible. I will always try my best to provide exclusive benefits for larger donations so please message me if you fancy a trip to Italy to watch my racing and I will make sure you have the best experience possible. For other payment methods please contact me! Logos and names on my bike, leathers and helmets is possible so please do not hesitate to ask. If you wish to make a contribution it will be highly appreciated and put to good use in my career. You can make a payment through the following link on paypal: paypal.me/ib17racing .

Don't be shy ;)

Drop me a mail for any sponsorship, general enquires, or just a chitchat.