Is my life really that interesting? 

On January 16th 1997 I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and grew up playing outdoor games and getting chased by farm animals.  I’d like to think that I had a pretty awesome childhood looking back at all the bruises that I would come home with. But it had absolutely nothing to do with bikes. The closest I ever got to two wheels was riding a bicycle and trying to find the steepest hills to fly down.

I was interested in trying the extreme stuff right from the beginning; in winter
sledging down the hills filled with snow as fast as I can and begging my mum to let me drive a car on an ice lake as young as the age of 7. There are plenty more that I could list but you can just imagine. You can count me in if your planning anything crazy!!

But as much as I always found motorbikes fascinating, I didn’t dare of dreaming about ever having one just because no one in my family had an interest.

"Flying; This would be my answer to a ‘what super-powers would you like to have’ question."
Ieva B.

At the age of 9 my life completely transformed due to moving to UK. My parents
found better jobs and myself, my brother and my sister managed to adapt to the
culture which meant that we had no interest in going back home to Lithuania. I was an ordinary girl going to school and trying different sports and hobbies…but the only one that lasted the longest was playing the piano (7 years)…you wouldn’t believe that I know.

But soon I became a big girl and had to get a job which meant that I had no spare time to practice for at least 2 hours every day. I worked in a bank after finishing school and was determined to have a career in finance before something a lot better took over my life and slightly more exciting…bikes.

"I still think that sooner or later I will be a stunt woman."

I started riding bikes at the age of 17 (2014) when I had a Yamaha YZF R125 and used it to go to college and work everyday. A year later I was introduced to track days, so I spent the whole summer on different bikes, different circuits and learning as much as I can from other riders so that I could get as fast as possible and as soon as possible.

Just a pup…

The Rookie Minitwins | 2016

After approximately 10 trackdays I decided that I have what it takes to be competitive due to my dedication, determination and crave for adrenaline. At this point I had no clue how a race works or what I need to do to start. I didn’t even know what MotoGP is. But with the help of my friends I managed to get myself a race bike and everything needed to start racing.

So the following year (2016) at the age of 19 I was preparing for my first race season in Rookie Minitwins. I wasn’t sure how I will react in a race, if I will get scared or crash, but on my very first race weekend I jumped on the podium, beating men who have been riding for a lot longer than me or racing motocross previously. This was a huge confidence booster for me and I was looking forward to a great season.

Consistent top 10 finishes, 6 podiums including a win made the hard work and stress that comes with racing all worth it and a race track became my home away from home.

Riding with the big fellas…

BSB | Ducati Trioptions | 2017

My second race season was in the British Superbikes support class Ducati Trioptions (2017). It was a mixed grid which consisted of the new Ducati 959 as well as 899 Panigales. This was a huge jump from a rookie vest and not something that many riders do but I was up for a challenge on my 899 Ducati. I knew that I will be racing against some of the fastest boys in Britain but I also knew that it will allow me to learn from them and get me faster. Plus it was a great opportunity to be racing on TV and in front of thousands of people.

However, the season was a lot more challenging than I planned it to be due to various unlucky problems which restricted my time on track and that’s not ideal when racing against some boys who have done the championship for 9 years or are racing from as young as 6 years old. But I did achieve some great results in a class that had over 50 entries and for sure learnt most of UK circuits and developed my riding a lot further.

I’m halfway there mum!


This year I have been given an incredible opportunity by YAS Racing Team to compete in Italy on an Yamaha R6 Supersport machine in CIV National Trophy. This means new team, new country, new circuits, new bike and different riding style. It should be quite clear now that I like to throw myself into the deep end but with a lot of training and team support, I can see a great season with amazing achievements coming up. So bring on the 1st round!

Who can teach me Italian?

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